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My home was broken into for the second time on 3/21/2010. I reported my claim to Allstate. They have been less than cooperative with helping me through my loss. Their customer service has been horrible, unprofessional and less than sympathetic. First I was told that my claim would be "express" then they decide to switch it over to their local office in Woodridge and drag it out. In the meantime my home has a broken gate, broken door and a busted out window that I had to pay for out of pocket since my claim was taking the "allowed 30 days" to process. They told me that they would work around my schedule but I had to *** work for the examiner to come out to my house a full WEEK after the break in. Then when the examiner comes out, her camera dies so I have to email her the pics that I took after the break in occurred. While she is here she asks me to sign a paper requesting to run my credit. WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH MY BREAK IN? She questioned my whereabouts the night of the break in, called my pregnant best friend and my fiancee, called the place that I was at while my home was being broken into. I feel as if they are treating me like a criminal, victimizing me again. Constantly they are asking me for receipts for items that I no longer have receipts for. I didn't have to produce receipts for my first break in and no where in my policy does it state that I need to keep all receipts of everything I own. I thankfully kept a couple of boxes from a few of the stolen items that I kept out in my garage. Because I couldn't produce receipts for certain items, they decided not to cover them Out of over $3000 worth of items stolen from my home, they sent me a check for $78.00 because of "depreciation and my lack of proof of purchase". What would they have done if I had heirloom items? Not covered them either?

Considering that I've worked in the insurance industry for 9 years myself, I know good customer service and I would advise any and all consumers to stay away from this fraudulent company. Their lack of covering items cost me my engagement ring. I had to return it to cover the items stolen from my home.

I could have saved my money and NOT had insurance and covered my own missing items. They haven't covered my door, my gate, my I-pod and a laptop that was in my possession that I paid for. I'm canceling this horrible policy and severing ties with the worse insurance company ever as soon as I finish writing to the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Insurance.

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Since you say that you have worked in the insurance industry for 9 years, clearly you know more than most people that ANY insurance company wants proof of what you claim. Good customer service happens every day with good customers.

Sounds like the $78 was in line with what you were really owed.

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