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I was stuck by an Allstate policy holder in a 4 car accident in late September. I was the last car in line and was struck by a vehicle behind me who was struck by the Allstate policy holder and then the Allstate policy holder careened on to hit my vehicle as well.

The insurer behind me (USAA) has already settled their claim with me in a most professional manner. The Allstate adjuster (Frank Sciacca) has dragged his feet resolving my claim because he has a heavy work schedule/I haven't interviewed all the parties, I haven't spoken to our policy holder.... We are now into over 2 weeks since the accident and Allstate has not responded in a professional manner.

I must say that the Allstate inspector who looked at my vehicle was thorough and helpful however that is where the "good" hands stopped. After this experience, I will counsel anyone who will listen not to buy Allstae insurance due their poor service response.

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Well the adjuster in my third party case still hasn't sent me a medical release for the records that is needed for discovery!

That's ok, Once we get into court and show that she has had almost a year on my file I hope she gets reprimanded!

I hope all you people that treat claiments from 1st party to third and beyond get a little back of what has been done by every adjuster, CSR, or anyone that has done people wrong for allstate! I curse all of you and wish three by three you feel all the pain your company has caused people even if you people think it was desevered.

Karma has a way of hitting the bad really hard!!!

Ford Green, England, United Kingdom #245313

how much time is needed for a 2 vehicle accident, still waiting its been 8 days and still no reponse from an ajustor.


it takes time to investigate a 4 vehicle accident you dumb ***

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