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Drunk/Pill Head floors it backward into my car. It took Allstate 3 WEEKS to give the auto shop permission to do anything with the car.

Another 3 to decide it was totaled. By that time, my rental car coverage had run out. Ended up spending everything I had and much, much more on things that should have been taken care of. It's months later, and I'm still waiting on a check, and my totaled car is STILL sitting in a shop, even though Allstate has been given permission repeatedly to let it go.

They keep harassing us with phone calls of things that we have repeatedly told them. Absolutely a nightmare, I will never trust this horrible company.

Review about: Allstate Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #639109

I used to work for Allstate in PA. Not any more!!!

First your adjuster can and should extend your rental coverage because it was their delay that caused you not to have a car. They should be there to look at your vehicle within a day or two or contact outside adjuster to look at it. Since you did everything correct they should cover the rental or reimburse you if you paid for a rental vehicle. Once totaled they should send you the papers to sign off of ownership.

after you do that I would inform them the repair shop will charge them storage if they do not pick up. They are now on the hook for storage fees and if anything happens to the vehicle since you signed over ownership. Once they receive the paperwork signing over ownership you both should have settled on a price. If you have a lean holder on your vehicle they will be paid first.

They should send you a check in your name and the lean holders name. If no lean holder then the check should come directly to you. Before they sent the papers to sign over ownership they should have told you the price they would settle on. If you had any work done recently ie new wheels, paint, mechanical work...

they should look at that and add it into the settlement price.If you have not received your money contact the Insurance Department in your state and file a complaint. They look into that seriously and I would report them to the BBB. I will be trying to keep in contact with people because I am looking at starting a class action suite against Allstate.

I have a meeting with an attorney and I hope he is able to handle a Class Action Suite of this size. Good luck and feel free to contact me with any questions or if interested in a class action suite!

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