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After 15 years under Allstate insurance company and been part of their accident forgiveness program i am been drop because 1 not at fault 2007 accident and 1 at fault 2008. So that means that if some hits you and you reported they will drop you no forgiveness there and if you hit someone OH LORD!

you are really not forgiven. you are at risk even if is not your fault. A COMPLETE false ADVERTASING. The sad part is that they will get away with that.

AS many of you have seen the comercial We know accidents happen Allstate is there to protect you. BLah blah.......

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Allstate and Farmers are two of the worse insc companies out there. A woman pulled out in front of me and hit me, cops noted she was at fault, but Allstate is refusing to pay.

I was not ticketed for speeding, the woman never mentioned I was speeding in her deposition, yet they claim the accident is my fault b/c I was speeding. This has been going on nearly 3 years now.

My lawyer specifically said all of Farmers, and many Allstate districts (esp Houston) purposely drag out claims. Be warned if you deal with either of them.


Last month someone wrote on January 16, 2012 that Geico is owned by Allstate. That IS NOT CORRECT.

GEICO or the Government Employees Insurance Company, widely known as GEICO, is a subsidiary of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway.


Geico is owned by Allstate, so they are still winning by you staying with Geico. It is just their economy insurance. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news

to Geico person #595707

Geico is not owned by Allstate. Geico is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. Allstate owns Esurance.


I also had accident forgiveness. Never once did I receive any of those so-called checks back in the mail when your record is clean -and mine was.

Furthermore, I was dropped from Allstate because I bumped the rear bumper of the car in front of me during a lot of stop and go traffic. And the joke is that Allstate keeps sending me these letters, years later, asking me to come back. Heck, they're the ones who dropped me. And you're right...the advertising on TV is misleading, deceptive, and deliberately false.

I would NEVER go with them again. I have Geico now and I'm completely satisfied.

Duluth, Ga.


Allstate accident forgiveness is a big lie.

Only 1 accident in 30 years of driving (6 with Allstate)

They wrote me a letter saying the couldn't cover me any more after just one small accident worth 6k in damage to my car (a Mercedes)

Big BS!!!!


My husband had 1 accident in SC and we were forgiven with Allstate - we moved to Florida a year later in 2009. We just got notice from Allstate 1/2011 that they would like to charge us for the accident in SC in 2008 now!

So Allstate forgives when they want and they can take it back when they want and back charge you!

Now that is not fair! Stay away from Allstate - they paid us quickly for our accident and then they find ways to get you years later and we have been with them for 10 yrs!


i bought my house about 9 years ago and i have both cars and house insured. I have had a couple of claims and allstate paid off quickly and fairly. seems to me all of the complaints are coming from people who have repeated claims


Direct General Auto Insurrance Dropped me after NOT AT Fault accident as passenger in Winter Haven FL then 4 months later Hit on I-4 Orlando in rear wet road by uninsured person wittnesses when out of their way to report she had been darting in and out traffic. On 2 years earlier I reported a cracked windsheild??

FLORIDA ALLOWS THIS!!! My Medical Dr Refused to see me, Medical Insurance WILL NOT PAY?

Why enforce insurance if you are not allowed to use it? I have NEVER been in an accident at fault! in 30 years I have been in a total of 4 the first two were 10 and 25 years ago and fender benders only.

So now I have to miss work running around looking for insurance. There should be a LAW!!!!


Accident forvigeness is based on your driving record. And unfortunately they have to count the accidents that you were at fault, and also depends how many accidents or claims you had in certain amount of time.

By law they have to follow some rules for them to keep offering the accident forgiveness.

I'm sorry that this happend to you. I really think that Allstate is a great company and they cust service is very very good!

to Mariah Fort Myers, Florida, United States #809649

Even if you are not at fault,parked car(hit and run)FLA (insurance not mandated)encourage uninsured to leave. Allstate pays the claim minus the deductible.

Then it goes on your drivers record.

Where is the forgiveness? Its a joke.

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