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I cancelled all my insurance with Allstate, car, umbrella, house and flood. unenrolled on their website and sent a letter of cancellation 15 days before umbrella was to be paid and also sent e-mail.

They still were able to deduct funds from my account. I am done with Allstate. And if Citibank doesn't comply with my request to return my funds they will be history too. I had alot of complications with the office in Oceanside,NY.

I had to call them to get them to do the work that they needed to do. Every year like clockwork their rates went up and customer service was horrible!

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I Have Not Canceled "yet" Too Scared ! my Life INSURANCE PREMIUM GOES UP + UP !

$259+ A MONTH FOR 100,000 LIFE TERM ( HAD IT FOR OVER 30 YEARS ! AFRAID TO DIE ! My Family will get " The Finger " WORSE . AFAID TO CANCEL " Canceled MY AUTO INSUR !

THEY KEPT $207 .GAVE ME A $70 REFUND. (Another scam ! pay a 6mo policy up front in full --3 mo.

later get an adjustment BILL OF $96+ ) SO CANCELED THEM ! MY Family would not fight them / just walk away with the $10.00 after taxes and their take + fee's and Being Dead is no reason to Collect on a policy **!

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