Filing this only in hopes that others will not subscribe to this service. In a nutshell, here's my story: I have had Allstate Roadside Assistance for approx 3 years, and have used the service three times during that time.

First time: Tire Change. First off, the individual who showed up to change the tire appeared impaired. Not drunk, but definitely impaired to some degree. I reluctantly allowed him to change the tire(i shouldnt have, but didnt want to wait another 2 hours for someone else to be dispatched). First of all, he arrived in a beat up(wrecked) Ford Fiesta with a small handful of tools(no toolbox.... just a handful of tools). Thats all... He did not even show up with a jack to change the tire and asked if I had one. Note: when I called Allstate, they asked specifically what the problem was. I told them I needed a tire change, so they knew to bring a jack. Anyhow, after about 15 minutes, he finally got the car jacked up, took off the tire and guess what? The car stared to move and fell off the jack, dropping it to the ground, slamming the rotor on the asphalt. *** didnt even block the wheels. At that point, he just looked at me and shrugged. I told him to leave. This was at 11pm by the way. I called Allstate back, told them of the situation, and they dispatched another "technician". He arrived about an hour later in a similar beat up car. (I swear, they must contract homeless people, living out of their cars to do this work). This guy seemed a little more professional and changed the tire. It took, 3.5 hours to do a simple tire change(and damage my car).

Second Time: One morning, on the way to work, I broke a U joint, so I called Allstate Motor Club to have it towed to a repair shop. They arrived on time, and towed the car as requested. Good so far...  FOUR HOURS LATER I received a call from the repair shop saying that my car had "just arrived". Just arrived? It had been hooked up to the tow truck four hours ago and they're just now arriving? I thought that was a little odd, but let it go. When I went to pick up my car the following day, the technician noted that my battery was dead. I found that odd since just one month before I had purchased a brand new battery. When I got to the repair shop, I asked them to charge it and was told that it couldnt be charged because it was 6 years old. Huh? We popped the hood and looked at the battery. The battery in my car was not mine!!!! Apparently someone(i'm suspecting the tow truck driver) had noticed my nice new battery and swapped it with this old dead one. That explains the four hour delay in getting my car to the shop.

Last time(last night): My battery light came indicating a dead alternator. I called Allstate once again(reluctantly), and was told that "we dont provide towing services". Really?, because i have the Allstate paperwork in my hand that says otherwise. The number I called for Allstate Motor Club dispatch went to an automated service, that prompted me to enter a zip code. Based on the zip code that I entered, the system automatically routed me to the nearest service center that Allstate is contracted with. This makes sense... no problem here. The problem is that the service center that I was routed to was for a lock-out service. I called the number back, and was routed back to the same lock-out service over and over. This company opens locked doors only, and didn't even have a tow truck. I dont fault the lock-out service, because Allstate was routing the call to them, but evidently they were the only service center near me based on my zip code. Luckily, it was 4:55 and I was able to call me local Allstate agent(who is fantastic BTW). I explained the situation to him and he personally called a non-publlshed number for the Motor Club and conferenced me in with a real live person. She said she would dispatch a tow vehicle and that they would be on site within 100 minutes or less. After, 120 minutes(i was trying to be patient)... still no tow truck. So I called back. I was told that there must have been a "miscommunication" and that she would dispatch the tow truck again. Eventually he showed up at 9:55 (four hours past the initial call).

Over the past three years I have paid Allstate $150(cost of membership for 3 years) to drop my car and damage the rotor($85 to repair), break my jack($55 to replace), and steal my battery($135 to replace). Allstate has cost me $425 and 9.5 hours of my time. I have received no compensation for the damages. I could peruse it legally, but its just not worth the time, money or hassle. I guess this is how Allstate does business..... playing the odds that people wont go through all the hassle to make them do what they were contracted to do.

Now, in all fairness,  I realize that Allstate doesn't have a "real" staff that performs these roadside services. They contract local companies to to this for them. However it appears that they are hiring 'bottom of the barrel' companies. I checked the BBB ratings for one of the companies that the sent(first incident), and they had a solid 'F' Rating with the BBB. Does Allstate have any standards at all for who they contract to do these services? Apparently not.

I hate that  have even wasted 30 minutes writing this review. I'm so fed up, I just want to be done with it and never have any business dealings with Allstate ever again. My only motivation for even writing this is to possibly save someone else the money, time and frustration of purchasing this "service".

I have five vehicles, a boat, and a home owners policy with Allstate. I currently pay them approx $3500 annually for these policies. As of this morning, I am actively shopping for a new insurance company to move all my policies to.

Note to allstate, if you're reading this. Stick with what you do well.... insurance. I have always been pleased with your insurance services and rates. However, you have lost all of my business(worth many thousands of dollars over the years), over your inability to effectively manage your roadside assistance program.

- Value of me as a customer to you over 10 years: $35,000 (auto, homeowners, boat, policies)

- Cost I paid for roadside assistance if I had had it for 10 years $500

Was it really worth loosing $34,500 because you cannot manage your roadside assistance program?

Monetary Loss: $425.

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