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It's amazing how quickly a quote for car insurance can lead to MUCH MORE than you expect, and can afford. THIS IS WHAT I GOT FROM ALLSTATE!!!! I was diligently searching for a reputable company that would give me a reasonable rate that I could afford. Well Bruce Weltz with the Cernius Agency in Henderson, Nevada, quickly convinced me that he could figure my budget into a rate and coverage that would work for me. HE TURNED OUT TO BE A REAL SHYSTER!!!! Once he developed my trust in him as a person and a professional he pulled a bait and switch on me and ended up giving me the auto insurance at a price I could just barely afford plus renters insurance TO BE INCLUDED IN THE PRICE; or so he worded his statements so carefully that he made it sound as if this is what he was giving me. He knew that being a single mom, I had a tight budget; so why would he sneak in an extra charge of renters insurance, thinking that the extra charge for this would be ok with me?

When I received the paperwork with different premium prices, and the extra charge for renters insurance I called and told him that this is not what I agreed to over the phone. He said that it would be ok, and that he had received the ok to give me our discussed premium price, but it was just going to take time for the rates to adjust when the main office got the paperwork from his end. THIS TREACHERY WAS JUST ALL PART OF HIS EVIL PLAN TO SWINDLE AND DECEIVE ME. I know that he knew well what he was doing because now he won't take my calls and he will not call me back. Was he just working the numbers? Or was he taking his chances that I would just let it slide?

*** ME!!! It seems that my brain must have traveled to an alternate universe where professionals with a longstanding company tell the truth; saying what they mean and meaning what they say. My voice must have had the sound of an easy to fool, a gullible *** with a figurative sign that said "KICK ME". How could I have been so dim-witted? I will never know, and I will never again let this happen to me.

Now that my bank account is in the negative by $60.00 for the renters insurance that I was not expecting, they will not take my calls to them to right the wrong they have done me. I am not working, I am out of money, and tomorrow I go for food stamps because that is how broke I am. I WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT ALLSTATE DID TO ME, AND UNLESS THEY FIX THIS HORRIBLE MESS THAT THEY HAVE GOTTEN ME INTO, I WILL NOT STOP SPREADING THE WORD OF ALLSTATE'S CROOKED AND DISHONEST BUSINESS PRACTICES.

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Well, when you aren't clear to the client, and you fail to provide the total cost and honor that, yes, you are dishonest, and deserve any bad co

mments you get.


Some people do not understand that by purchasing renters insurance to get a multi policy discount actually making it cheaper than just the Auto Coverage alone. Additionally, all insurance companies adjust rates as I receive calls from prospective clients all the time looking for a quote because their current company raised their rates. I guess you have to blame someone.

Sincerely Bruce Weltz, proud to sell Allstate before and now.

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